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8 cosplays and me by minimurray
8 cosplays and me
I randomly made this collage of some of my cosplays with a random selfie in the middle.
Cosplays here are
1- Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
2- Black Rock Shooter
3- Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
4- Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)
5- My own Blue Eyes White Dragon gijinka (Yu-Gi-Oh)
6- Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)
7- My own version of Harley Quinn (Batman)
8- Akita Neru (Vocaloid)
  • Listening to: P!nk
  • Reading: Skulduggery Pleasant
  • Watching: British Bake Off
  • Playing: Bioshock Infinite
  • Eating: PASTAAAAAA!!!!!
  • Drinking: Tea surprisingly
For me lots of shit is going down of all good and bad things.
Good things have happened and are going to happen like for example I've started Uni!!! Bad point is people are already bitching about me because I like anime etc it's ridiculous, but I am slowly making a couple of friends Like Gin, she's very nice :3 and hopefully in time will make some new and good friends which I can keep for years to come. But with uni there's student finance which STILL hasn't come through and probably won't until at least October now so I'm living in London with no money to my name which is stupid I mean like I have to travel everyday to get to the uni and back as well which costs loads on tube and bus but my mum actually sends me like a little bit of money she I rant a bit on fb as I do't like asking for money as I want to try do everything myself so currently looking for a job to help pay my way.
Expo is coming up which should be fun and thankfully the tickets were bought for me as a gift from a friend for an early 21st birthday present so obviously I love them haha but still not sure what to wear for the Friday of expo but I haven't finished making my fiancés Kenpachi cosplay but again being in London with my equipment in Suffolk thats very difficult as I don't have a permanent place to live yet. for the Saturday of expo if all goes to plan I shall be cosplay Yachiru from Bleach then on Sunday my own version of one of Dracula's brides which is going to look amazing but I haven't worn a corset for such a long time I hope I can cope for the whole day, if need be I'll go down to the carpark for a breather and take it off so I can bend over XD
My cosplay page is doing ok I guess but people keep unliking it because I don't do "sexy" and "revealing" cosplays which just annoys me as men (mostly) pm me asking for more sexy cosplays otherwise they'll unfollow me, I mean, like why should I flash my tits and arse to the public just to get some followers? If I want to cosplay someone I'll do it as much to what their outfit looks like as I can (apart from Harley Quinn as me and my partner are going to try do steampunk Harley and Joker but I do have one of her actual outfits from one of the games at home). If it's my own character etc I'll do what I want with her/him. I just want some decent followers who appreciate my skill in making cosplays and not to bitch if I'm not showing boob. I know I don't update as much as I should but I do't have the money to get a professional photographer to take pictures of me for my page at all so I have to try and get photos when I can. The link to my page is if anyone would like to check it out I would be eternally grateful :3 
Being engaged is fantastic! I love my Tom sooooo much and it hurts me that I'm in London away from him as he's my world, my rock, my shoulder to cry on, my cripple, my person to reach things on the top shelf, my cuddle man, my everything. The plan was to move to London together but catch 22 ffs landlords won't take people who are students or won't take pets and don't have a job but employers won't take us if we don't have anywhere to live so unfortunately I'm having to stay with friends in Stratford during the week and travel back to Suffolk on weekends which is a bit of a chore, especially as my uni is across London (take nearly 2 hours to get to uni and back) and then another 2 hour journey back to Suffolk to see Tom. 
I wish life was simpler but it's not although good things are happening bad things as well. I may have only made a friend or two at uni but they are lovely and accept me. I may not be seeing my family for my 21st as they're all going on holidays etc but my mum has booked me and my fiancé 2 tickets to see Les Mis to make up for it (EXCITED) either way to anyone who has made it this far reading this haha I thank you for your time and I hope it wasn't wasted :( but I'd love to hear of your experiences if you went to uni or similar with college or schools etc. And if any of you have free time during the week etc and live in London would love to make some new friends etc to chill with and chat random shit haha.
Signing out :P
minimurray x


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Katie Katharos Murray
United Kingdom
Heya guys, I'm a cosplayer, artist, writer, seamstress, singer and actor, lover of many things geeky and I'm also the Marketing Director and Administration for Thomas Stanislawski Ltd Trading as Perfect Detail in Suffolk, UK. I'm not on here frequently but now I have the app I should be able to upload more often. If you want to find me on fb look up Katharos Cosplay :)

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